Now we are planning to restore and rebuild the destroyed housing for those who lost it due to the hostile offensive by Russia, with the priority being the eastern part of our country, as they suffered much greater losses.

To some extent, this is one step faster, because like all Ukrainians, we want to believe in a quick victory and recovery for our country. But even now the need is still there and it is enormous. And despite the fact that the state is also doing a lot, hundreds of cases need to be resolved urgently.
The first people we helped with the reconstruction are an elderly couple from Kherson region. Volodymyr (84) and Hanna (81) stayed in their village, which was 95% destroyed. Their house was also destroyed. They were living in a skewed garage - and you can only imagine how difficult such living conditions are for a couple of such a venerable age. But they did not lose their optimism and dreamed of rebuilding at least the garage. Together with our partners, we started renovating their house. They will be able to have comfortable conditions and not feel abandoned. It is valuable for us to help them not only practically and financially, but also to show that we are there for them and that we also dream of the best for them and our country.
These are the stories we continue to look for, and you can read more of them both here and on our social media pages. For us, these stories will be about rebuilding people's lives, which will change along with the repair of the roof or walls of their homes.

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