Front line medicines

Unlike the needs of specific soldiers, that can be fully met over time, requests from doctors are to some extent endless. Medicines run out very quickly, but this only increases their value. The need for hospitals does not disappear.
We are not professional doctors, so requests from hospitals are often a mystery to us, until we come to the pharmacy to buy everything we need from the list. However, over the past year, our knowledge of at least basic and life-saving medicines has increased significantly. It seems that we can tell the difference between bad and good turnstiles even if we are woken up at night and blindfolded.
The requests of military medics are the easiest way to read the situation on the battlefield, in fact: more requests mean more wounds. Inside us, this provokes a greater number of not only boxes sent, but also prayers.
You cannot talk about success when you lose people. Helping doctors, hospitals and clinics is about gains. It is about a second life for wounded soldiers. It is about civilians for whom pharmacies have been closed for a long time.

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