#notjustnumbers - Military.

As long as the siren sounds every night, we want to do everything we can to speed up the time when there will be no siren, no shots and no explosions.
We haven’t chosen these circumstances, but each of us chooses how to be in them. As a foundation, we choose not to leave those in need due to the war alone with their own problems.
96 - this is the number of soldiers who have applied for personal assistance since our establishment.
These are #notjustnumbers, because yes, we are covering their faces in the photo and covering the needs of the guys who risk everything.
In each our trip, when we came to the military, we heard: "What can we do for you? What do you need? Can we give you something?". And it continues to blow our minds: the guys we came to help ask about our needs.
Our need is freedom. And they give the most for it. And our ministry here, in the rear, is to do everything possible to ensure that they return home with a shield, not on it.
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