#notjustnumbers - Military units.

We continue the column #notjustnumbers - today about military units.
The peculiarity of shipments to them is that we are happy, and the most grateful, if a parcel is received.
Because from time to time we understand well why it hasn’t been received. This is the price of our freedom.
We have separated the military from the military units because we separate these requests, not only based on the quantity required, but also on the specifics of the needs.
596 people - from clothes to medicines: we received very different requests from different directions. Of course, we first consider those that come from the front lines, where it is the hottest (most dangerous). But, of course, it is difficult to refuse those who have already applied, who we are familiar with, who we already live their history. So priority is very relative when it comes to lives.
The needs of the military are not a romantic thing at all - most often they ask to send them anti-cold, antifungal and laxatives. There is probably nothing to explain here. Field conditions are very promising. And among hundreds of fees for drones and pickup-cars - we are talking about a small but vital thing.
The guys from the departments with who we interact longer always start their requests with an apology: they feel uncomfortable and don't want to ask for help. They just apologize, but it makes us very uncomfortable. It's a double-edged sword: they fight for our lives, and we fight for them, realizing that their lives depend on the medicines or supplies sent.
First medical aid becomes the guarantee of life and health in the future. Having the necessary next to you in the first hour of being wounded is a base.
We used to help a unit with 300 soldiers - 12 stayed alive at the moment. There have been 50 in another - 20 guys are alive.
We are for returning less "on the shield".
There are units that come in with very specific requests: we once sent a chainsaw because that particular unit had a great need for firewood that they had nothing to get it with. We were also looking for tools for cars, building materials for dugouts (this list is long.) The state cares about the military, but provides only the most basic: food, ammunition and bullets, but we want to create at least a little comfort for our defenders. The comfort they completely sacrificed in this war. And believe me, it is far from the comfort you are used to.

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