Mr. Vladymyr and his wife Hanna

Friend of ours met my grandfather almost by accident while driving through a village in the Kherson region. He stopped to ask him how it was, what happened here, who was left.
As it turned out later, there was almost no one left in the village except for Mr. Vladymyr and his wife Hanna. 95% of the village was destroyed. The elderly couple's house was destroyed as well.
The elderly couple live (so to speak) in a ruined garage and try to somehow restore order in it.
Of course, this did not leave us indifferent. For several days now, the restoration of the house for the Homon family has been going on, and we can't help but be happy about it! ❤️‍🩹
We are grateful to the volunteers under the leadership and initiative of our friend Hryhoriy.
If this story also touches your heart and you have ideas and the ability to help them - write to us to direct⚡️You can support the reconstruction financially by following the details on our website 🙌🏻

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