Every soldier should have such a stretcher

A picture with the caption: "The military does not need this car - we need the military to have this car" is going viral on the Internet these days.
It reminds us once again that even though we are all tired of the war and to some extent have become very accustomed to it, no one should stop on the way to the victory. Men and women on the front line cannot stop in the middle of a battle. Neither can we stop in the middle of a battle.
We continue to manufacture and send new model stretchers to the hot spots of the russian war against Ukraine. The military, in their turn, receive them there, study and use them.
One of the military medics has written to us that he believes every soldier should have such a stretcher, and this is a great motivation for us to keep going in what we are doing and where we are heading.
You can join this project and send money for the manufacture of at least one stretcher using the details in the profile header.

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