#notjustnumbers – Civilian families.

Weʼd like to tell you more about who we have helped in the last longer period of time. We want to name the numbers, but show that for us there is a person, a child or a family behind each number. That's why for us it's #notjustnumbers.
Today, there are 151 people, 40 families to talk about help for civilian families.
For us, helping those in need is the main routine now. We constantly receive requests, form packages, send them. But we learn to see not just needs, but the people behind them. We think about what is better to put in this particular package, or what to add to the other one. You often have to run to the store for sweets when you remember or find out that this box is going to a home with kids.
Most of the time we don't know the families we help. We also often do not receive feedback. We recently received a call from an elderly man we used to send aid to and said he was waiting until Monday to say thank you. So as not to distract or disturb us at the weekend.
It is only one call, but it is about huge gratitude. Perhaps you have heard of the story in the Bible where only one out of ten lepers came back to thank Jesus for healing? This story is also about the importance of a grateful heart. And this is not about the fact that we are working for the obligatory "thank you", this is a reminder today for you and for us. Even if you have to wait until Monday, don't forget to say thank you.
Also, there won't be a dozen photos of food in this post. Currently, we do not ask to take photos with packages. Because as long as you're taking a selfie with coffee and dessert, we don't think any kid should be photographed with a bag of pasta. We know they get them.
We pray and dream that Mr. Vasyl from Sykhov (a district in the city of Lviv) or Olena and her children no longer need help. So that they find their feet, become independent in this period of life and be happy, not needy.
But we will not leave them alone with their needs as long as those needs exist.

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