#notjustnumbers - Organizations.

The war is the most difficult challenge our country has faced since independence. And at the same time, it has taught Ukrainians the most to be united for the sake of one goal🙌🏻
The circumstances threaten the lives and future of not only soldiers but also millions of vulnerable people. And we believe that now the cooperation of charitable foundations is becoming indispensable to achieve greater efficiency in helping those who need our support.
We have been happy to interact with other foundations and state organizations during this time. We were able to combine resources and efforts with 6 organizations.
We believe that the synergy of foundations allows us to do more than we could do separately! Working together allows us to effectively attract financial, material, and human resources to implement projects aimed at improving the lives of victims and supporting soldiers in the frontline.
It is important to understand that cooperation between foundations is not competition, but mutual assistance. We all work with the same goal - not to leave anyone alone with their needs.
Together, we can change the lives of many people, provide them with hope and support in a difficult period of their lives.

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