Help for the military doctors

We have a new story from the area: help for the military doctors ❤️‍🩹
Earlier, we told you about Svitlana, who dedicated to be in the hot spots of the East of Ukraine.
We sent them 4 helmets worth ~10,000 UAH each. One of Svitlana's colleagues was recently hit in the head by shell fragment, so such expensive protection is not just a wish, it is a must-have that saves lives.
But the parcel could have remained at the Nova Poshta warehouse because we did not infirm them about it directly, and the military is very careful with the unknown, they say: "It could easily have been explosives."
Danger is everywhere in the hot spots, and we are used to it. One hardly thinks that if a notification from Nova Poshta delivery service is received, there could be danger there. But Svitlana thinks so.
We all continue to do our best to make sure that the danger is over and peace comes. Everyone is doing that in his/her place.
You can donate to help Svitlana and her team by following the link in the profile header🙌🏻

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