Unlike the needs of specific defenders, which can be fully realized over time, requests from doctors are endless to some extent. Medicines run out very quickly, but this only increases their value. The need for hospitals does not disappear.

The requests of military medics are the easiest way to read the situation on the battlefield, in fact: more requests mean more wounds. Inside us, this provokes a greater number of not only boxes sent, but also prayers.

You cannot talk about success when you lose people. Helping doctors, hospitals and clinics is about obtaining. It's about a second life for wounded soldiers and civilians for whom pharmacies have been closed for a long time.

1 first aid kit for a defender - 100 USD
1 backpack for a military medic - 1100 USD
1 request from a hospital for a month - from 3000 USD

Support this project and your donations will turn into medicines that will give a chance for life.

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