Together with the Church of the Resurrection in Shostka, Sumy region, we have launched the production of a new model of stretchers for the wounded. The stretcher itself looks like a net, takes up little space, is very compact and easy to store both assembled and unfolded.

On the battlefield, there is no way to store standard stretchers, and often because of this, the transportation of a seriously injured person becomes very difficult and can have additional consequences of the injury. That's why we produce a new type of stretcher, sending it to the guys and girls on the front line.

**As of March 2024, we have manufactured and delivered 1037 stretchers.

The cost of one stretcher is 10 USD.
The number of stretchers manufactured per month - 150 pcs.
The monthly budget of the project is 1500 USD.

Support the production of stretchers that will help the military save lives with your donation.

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